Our Building Process.

Step 1: Site Start

The official start of the construction process!

  1. Your land is now prepared with an excavator to provide a building platform for the concrete raft slab (No Waffle Pads) – the foundation of your new home.
  2. We will notify you construction has commenced.

Step 2: Base Stage

Your first major construction milestone!

  1. Our Construction Supervisor will contact you
  2. The home is surveyed and set out in preparation for the slab. Initial works are completed for all underground services during this stage.
  3. A qualified Building Surveyor will complete a site inspection and sign off prior to concrete being placed.
  4. Once the slab has been poured, your base stage is complete!
  5. You are welcome to inspect this stage with the Construction Supervisor
  6. First Progress Payment is due – 10% of contract value.

Step 3: Frame Stage

Our in house carpenters commence set out and timber framing begins

  1. Carpenters construct wall and roof frames.
  2. A qualified Building Surveyor will complete timber framing inspection.
  3. You are welcome to inspect this stage with the Construction Supervisor.
  4. Management Team completes a Quality Control Inspection.
  5. Second Progress Payment is due – 15% of contract value.

Step 4: Lock-Up Stage

Brickwork, roofing, external doors and windows are installed.

  1. Colourbond roof sheet is installed.
  2. Window delivery & installation.
  3. Brickwork and cladding commences
  4. You are welcome to inspect this stage with the Construction Supervisor.
  5. Third Progress Payment is due – 35% of contract value.

Step 5: Fixing Stage

Plaster installed to internal walls and ceilings. Skirting boards, architraves, internal doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  1. Quality control inspection is completed by qualified Building Surveyor.
  2. You are welcome to inspect this stage with the Construction Supervisor
  3. Fourth Progress Payment is due – 25% of contract value.

Step 6: Completion Stage

The final stage of construction! Time to schedule moving!

  1. Painting and tiling completed. Electrical and plumbing fit-offs, stone bench tops (where applicable), door furniture, shower screens and mirrors are installed.
  2. Your Construction Supervisor will arrange for your new home presentation. This appointment is a chance for your Construction Supervisor to present your home to you, pointing out all of the features. A settlement date will also be confirmed with you at this appointment.
  3. Settlement generally takes place 7 to 14 days after your new home presentation.
  4. A qualified Building Surveyor completes a quality control inspection, and will complete the final inspection and issue a Certificate of Occupancy.
  5. You now forward Certificate of Occupancy on to your financial institution (if applicable) to release final payment.

Step 7: Settlement

Congratulations! Your new home has been completed and is ready for you to move in!

  1. On the day of settlement the Construction Supervisor will conduct an on-site handover.
  2. Appliances will be installed at an agreed time after settlement has taken place.
  3. You’ll provide us with your feedback via a Customer Experience and Satisfaction Survey.
  4. You’ll need to make a final payment in our office on the day of settlement. This amount includes the last stage payment and any unpaid variations.
  5. Once paid, the keys and settlement pack will be presented.
  6. Fifth and Final Progress Payment is due at settlement – 10% of contract value plus any unpaid variations.
  7. NOTE: A bank cheque or direct deposit is required for final payment. If direct deposit is made, please ensure transfer is made at least 48 hours prior to settlement.

Design & Construction has never been so good.