Commercial Construction Management.

A core commitment to building value, progression and open communication is imperative to Renfrey Building Group’s ongoing success.


Building Value

“Building value” is an intrinsic component of Renfrey Building Group’s culture.

They add value to each project by:

  • Proactively and effectively managing risk
  • Developing strategies to accelerate project completion
  • Providing innovative and cost effective solutions and alternatives
  • Striving for defect-free completion
  • Offering capable, experienced project teams with specialist expertise
  • Being a leader in Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and construction techniques
  • Having a responsible environmental and community approach
  • Having best practice management systems
  • Using a collaborative and communicative approach to project delivery
  • Adopting a ‘can do’ approach
  • Listening to clients and understanding their needs
  • Creating an environment that fosters success and achievement


Working Collaboratively

Renfrey Building Group fosters a team environment, enhancing collaboration and ensuring positive outcomes on all projects. They utilise the strengths of the entire project team to identify opportunities and to proactively manage risk.

This approach creates a clearly defined foundation for success as a team.



Refrey Building Group creates a culture of effective, honest and respectful communication and listening. Their management systems define internal and external communication protocols, tailored specifically for each project, to meet stakeholder needs. In addition, they utilise document management platforms and have extensive internal and external reporting systems that facilitate clear and consistent communication during the delivery process.


Design & Construction has never been so good.